About Us

We are Bo and Stine and we come from Denmark, Scandinavia. The country known for it's happy people, it's world renowned designers, the father of fairy tales: Hans Christian Andersen and off course - pastries.

For the past 10 years, we have been running our family owned catering business from our Danish farm. Due to our close relation and knowledge of San Diego, we have chosen this city to begin our new adventure. Nordic Hygge Café and Bakery.


With Nordic Hygge our aim is, to introduce the Danish dark rye bread to San Diego along with a variety of other tasty products. All organic off course. We wish to share with you the taste and culture of Denmark and spread the Hygge.


The term 'hygge' describes social interaction of high caliber. Hygge is a noun, an adjective or a verb, and even events and places can be 'hyggelige'.

Hygge is integrated into the Danes' sense of well-being. Hygge is a buffer against stress, while creating space for building relationships and happiness.

Hygge is sometimes translated as 'cozy', but a better definition is 'intentional intimacy' that can take place when sharing safe, balanced and harmonious experiences.

A cup of coffee with a good friend in front of the fireplace, or a walk in the woods with a picnic basket qualifies just as well to be called 'hyggelig'.

A family may have a fun evening with board games and snacks, or perhaps you meet with good friends for a relaxed dinner with subdued lighting, good food and fun.


Good food is often associated with 'hygge' and we think, that dark rye bread is delicious. It is even said that there are Danes who pack rye bread in the suitcase when they are travelling - they simply cannot do without it. It's actually nothing new at all. The rye bread even came along on the journeys during the Viking Age around the first millennium.


Bread in every possible form and with a wide variety of tastes, has been a crucial way to keep hunger away in almost all cultures over at least the last 5,000 years. For just as many years, we humans have kneaded, experimented with grain and ovens to create the perfect bread.

Rye Bread plays a very special role in Denmark, it has been a part of Danes ' everyday lives, at least for the last 1000 years.

50% of Danes eat rye bread every day. Rye bread is an alternative to wheat bread in northern Europe, most eat rye bread for lunch, many also eat rye bread for breakfast. Rye Bread is part of a healthy diet it contains grains and fibers, which ensures a slow increase in blood sugar, which, among other things, helps to keep you satiated for quite some time. The rye reminds nutritionally a lot like both wheat and barley, but it has a much higher fiber content, and the amount of vitamin E, riboflavin and folic acid is somewhat higher than in wheat and barley.

Full grain bread is baked on flour, where the whole grains are grinded together, hereby preserving the beneficial things in the shell, such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibers. We need to eat fibers every day, and whole grain bread, and especially rye bread, is a good source of fibers. Fibers improve digestion, provide prolonged satiety, reduce absorbed blood cholesterol, and help prevent type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and intestinal cancer.

In Denmark there are endless variety of rye bread, some bake themselves, others buy from the bakery and many of the Danes buy rye bread in the supermarket. If you are in a Danish supermarket there are more than 20 different types of rye bread, whereas toast bread there is a selection between 2 – 4 kinds. The Rye Bread is a natural choice for the Danes.


Our sustainability policy defines our commitment towards ethical and environmentally-friendly products and practices. By upholding high standards, we take care of our environment while at the same time improving the life of our customers.


Why choose sustainable food?:

  • You avoid pesticides in your food
  • Your food tastes better
  • You get clean ingredients without cosmetics
  • Sustainable food creates better conditions for animals
  • Sustainable food is good for our groundwater
  • You avoid GMOs in your food
  • Sustainable food is good for the world's developing countries
  • Sustainable food is good for our environment


Stine Jensen

Pastry Chef

Bo Jensen

Head Baker